We've been in development phase - bringing together learnings from our community and placemaking projects. 

We're now ready to put this all together by developing Concept Plans that will be the cohesive guide for rolling out transformative projects.

Check out our 2017 Submission to Hutt City Council below.



Find some of the current projects benefiting Wainuiomata

As we drive this creative process of vision and planning we are continually discovering more great things going on in and around Wainuiomata in addition to our own new projects. Here is what's underway now:

Focus: a fun gateway

We have an iconic gateway into Wainuiomata welcoming locals and visitors to our home.

Pukeatua Bridge is up and looking great. It's an icon for our community and a great way to get safely across the summit to make use of the great trails + views.

The Wainuiomata Hill Look-Out is now open, offering fantastic views over the valley, harbour + to Welllington.

By the end of 2017 Hutt City will be completing their impressive Wainuiomata Shared Pathway project. It will create a 4 metre wide pathway alongside Wainuiomata Rd over the hill. It goes from the Hutt side, which will begin late 2016, over the Wainuiomata side, which will begin early 2017.

The incredible Wainuiomata Trail Project is always developing and there's currently 15+ trails people can explore. Some are advanced bike only tracks, others are open to bikers, runners and walkers. Come explore with amazing views and beautiful regenerated bush.

We've been exploring ways to welcome people to Wainuiomata. Harcourts led the community vote and thousands have decided what our Welcome to Wainuiomata sign is going to be. We're working with Wainuiomata Marae to source the totara needed to carve the Pou.

We recognise that the hill is regularly used as a fitness circuit (especially the annual King of the Hill event) and are looking at ways we can build on this.

Focus: a connected neighbourhood

Agents can’t keep up with house sales right now – they’re being snapped up. New housing developments are underway. The Hutt News cover story “Move to Wainui? Wai-not?” said it all, so let’s share more of this great story! We'd like to work with real estate agents and others to help promote what a great option Wainuiomata really is.

Sportsville, uniting seven sports clubs, is part way through a feasibility study to look at the potential of their sports services and facilities and what they look like in the future.

The Wainuiomata Marae has its sights on becoming an eco-hub and sustainability demonstration site encouraging better housing and lifestyles for the community. They’re also developing a river restoration project while teaching our young people science skills.

Wainuiomata Rural Community Association together with Hutt City Council have put a bid in to the government’s broadband and mobile infrastructure project fund along Coast Road for both residents and visitors – if we're successful this will mean better coverage, digital capability and safety. The Wainuiomata Rural Community Association is also organising the inaugural Rural Fest Wainuiomata for Sat 19 Nov 2016 10am-3pm in Queen St.

A new housing development is underway in Parkway and The Port Nicholson Block Settlement Trust is considering Papakāinga housing plans for the old college site in Moohan Street.

Another step is being taken towards a retirement village with a District Plan rule change to allow for the development.

We’ve established quarterly “connected neighbourhood” meetings for organisations that have projects underway to share progress and future planning – we’re about to pull together a Wainuiomata event planning calendar as a result of this. If you would like further information, or to join the conversation please feel free to send us an e-mail.

Focus: a vibrant town centre

Our whole community had the opportunity to transform our Town's heart with the Queen St 7-Day Makeover in September 2016 and there will be future small Makeover projects to build on the great work. Contact us to get involved.  

Focus: a top destination

Do you welcome visitors to Wainuiomata? We’re keen to hear from you. We are collecting names of groups, individuals and business to join a network to grow and support what we offer in tourism.

The team at Wainuiomata Trail Project are building a 1, 5 and 10 year plan to develop Waiu Park's cycling areas.

Life City Church are developing an events centre that can hold up to 650 people – already hosting many regular programmes and events.

Rimutaka Forest Park Trust are currently working towards the Catchpool Valley eco hotspot - an area of intensified pest control to bring back bird-life. Further eco hotspots are in their long term project: "restoring the dawn chorus" of bird-life.

Focus: a proud Wainuiomata identity

We’re seeing some great pride come through our Welcome to Wainuiomata conversation.

Our local arts networking group is keen to capture and share our heritage through an art installation that brings together a community of minute long spoken stories of our past present and future. Regular monthly meetings are supported by the Hutt Valley Community Arts.

Ti Hei Rangatahi are filming local kaumatua. Their vision is to produce interactive oral histories of Wainuiomata – perhaps a series of outdoor art pieces where you can press something (or use your phone) and hear a story.  

There's a lot of creative talent out there, and as new projects emerge we'd like to find ways to weave in our culture and reflect who we are as a suburb.

Working with council

We’re getting great support from Hutt City Council and our Councillors are right behind our approach, having made regular reports on progress.

Council’s investing over $20m of new projects for Wainuiomata budgeted over the next 15 years. We'll continue to champion all that is spent and work with council so it can all add up to our vision.

Find out more about where to next with other potential projects and ideas in the pipeline that we'll be advocating for in Wainuiomata.