Are you our Make Stuff Happen Champion?

We're on the hunt for someone to help us make stuff happen and champion the delivery of our Hā Breath of Life vision and development plan. It’s a chance to make a wide reaching project your own and involve, inform and inspire the community towards their shared vision.

You’ll foster collaborative relationships with individuals, community groups, businesses and local and central government.

You’ll be a great networker keeping the community up to date on activities and implement events to bring the community together and grow Wainuiomata.  

It’s a part time role at 20 hours and you’ll report the chairperson of a proactive steering group. We’ll have you on board for 18 months and there’s potential to grow the role and stay longer where we’re all making a real difference.

You'll be:

  • a people person with proven leadership experience
  • excited to take on new challenges
  • ready to manage the nuts and bolts of our day to day work and make stuff happen
  • and have the skills to manage and deliver multiple projects with flair

Check out how to apply and more detail on what the role involves.

Winning concept chosen for our new welcome sign

We're stoked to see the pride and passion come out of the community competition to find a way to Welcome people to Wainuiomata - driven by the team at Harcourts Wainuiomata.

Congratulations to the four finalists shortlisted for the community vote and to Tamariki Ferguson who emerged the winner after 14,000 votes.

Tamariki says the Lord of the Rings inspired his winning design .

We look forward to seeing how this design concept comes to life in the months to come.

Town centre workshop feedback

Thanks everyone - here's a summary of the feedback from the town centre workshop - collated by the team at Boffa Miskell who ran the evening. We're sure there's more great ideas to come.




We've collated all the great feedback from the town centre workshop and a plan is emerging for the year ahead.

On Tuesday night we're reporting back to our funders: Hutt City Council. They've given us a pretty good report card so far in the report on our work prepared for councillors. (Look for the "Wainuiomata Development Plan".) 

We'll be sharing more soon as we start looking these ideas in to actions. We'll be starting small and looking to grow momentum in to bigger projects in the future.


Another step towards a vibrant town centre

Great to have your input last night! Having a vision is laudable and admirable and there is something more important and vital than that – bringing the thing you hoped for into reality.  Making it happen.

We’re moving that process forward to find tangible projects which we begin now and over the next year or two to transform the central area of our town. 

Business owners, community groups and individuals came and shared new ideas through some open and frank discussion about what we as a community want to see here from the roundabout outside, along Queen St, including the Mall, and out on the Strand.  We are looking for a town centre design that reflects us.

Our urban design partners Boffa Miskell asked "what makes a great space?"

A great town centre is ultimately a comfortable and good looking place that has many uses and activities, is accessible and most importantly a social place - a place you want to spend time with other people.

And a few photos of our town centre asked the question: "is it a great place?"

There's 101 more ideas and inspiration at Project for Public Places.

We heard ideas on a central pedestrian area in the middle of Queen Street for regular outdoor events that many groups could contribute to, pointing traffic better in to Queen Street, art installations that run through the whole area with a unique Wainuiomata feel, a drive-in cinema, new reatil concepts, spaces and activities for all ages and heaps more. 

We love ideas that we can do quickly and cheaply to test out a bigger long term projects - like building a temporary event stage of wooden pallets for a few events to try out where and how a permanent one could best be used and placed.

What could you do to make our town centre better?

What could you do with $2 million?

What would you do right now with $200?

We want to build on your ideas so far, find people who can take the first steps.

We are looking for people to form a small group which will facilitate bringing the vision to life.  If you would like to be involved in bringing ideas to fruition, making Wainuiomata better and are passionate about all the wonderful things our town has to offer and want to reflect that in our town centre – then we need you! Get in touch.

We’ll collate all of last night’s feedback and then continue the conversation in a few weeks.

We're looking to hold a mini 'expo' out in the middle of Queen Street on a weekend morning in a few weeks’ time. Walking the talk you might say.  

Look out for more on our Facebook page soon.

How can you help make Wainuiomata even better?

Wainuiomata’s already a happening place.

There's some great work going on around us - and we'd like to take our vision, including the community's input and connect it to the existing and emerging energy throughout Wainuiomata.

Right now we're sharing our vision for Wainuiomata and the key areas of focus within it. It's a story to develop our great little town to connect our ideas and aspirations for the way our suburb develops over the next 20+ years.

It's a vision includes inpout from the community at the workshop, expo displays and online.

Our goal? You might say it's a feeling of breathing easy - and where we want Wainuiomata to be in 20 years.

Look out for an article in the Wainuiomata News on 12 August, displays in the library and the mall, and booklets we'll be distributing all over our suburb.

Join the conversation now as we start turning it from a vision to a plan on how we'll get there - and share your ideas on our Facebook page.

Hutt City Council’s got over $24 million of new Wainuiomata projects for the next 15 years. And there's a lot more private development and projects on the cards too - new housing developments, new business ventures, a resource consented mall development to name a few.

This is all great news and our hope is that we can all work in with each other to make Wainuiomata a truly unique and vibrant haven. 

What do you love about Wainuiomata and how can you make it even better?

We'd love to know - do get in touch.

Planning expo - April 2015

From the community workshop you gave us geeat ideas, initiatives and aspirations about how to make Wainuiomata better. There were some general themes that come through and have been represented in the vision statement and throughout the suggested initiatives in this Development Plan.

The top five favourite ideas that came from the community through this engagement process were:

  1. Improve the gateway into Wainuiomata
  2. Re-design public spaces of the strand and the mall
  3. Better services and accommodation for youth and elderly
  4. Enhance the Village as the gateway to the wilderness
  5. New children’s play park
  6. Strengthen relationship between town Centre and Village
  7. Integrate cycleway along creek/stream/reserves
  8. Celebrate heritage, narrative, story-telling

Submission to council's 2015-2025 long term plan

In April 2015 we took the opportunity to share progress with the Hutt City Council and flag some bigger opportunities and potential spending in front of us.

We wanted to tell our city councillors who have funded this project so far "it is a creative process that seeks to leverage innovation and talent from all those who wish to be a part of what is happening in Wainuiomata. For this reason, it cannot be driven from a central and fully costed plan at this point. It is therefore difficult to determine what the specific funding need of the Steering Group is over the long term. Much of what will be spent may not happen directly through the Steering Group but will nevertheless contribute to a collective Hā – Breath of Life perspective."

However, for 2016-17 onwards we needed to signal to Council that we are thinking big as  spatial and activity development to the Town Centre may be significant. Our external advisers, Boffa Miskell have initially said in t that ….“At this [time], there are many unknown factors for budgeting and funding the initiatives.... budget ranges are broad and indicatively could include the following:

  • Civic hub buildings (refurbishment through to new structures) ($1M-$8M)
  • Queen St civic edge transformation ($1.5M-$3M)
  • Other street initiatives ($500K-$2M)
  • Informal green space ($500K-$1M)"

These are very initial estimates and will be challenged, refined, and prioritised by the community into specific funding requests over time as we progress through the detailed ideas and design.

The conversation is continuing and we'll be getting more input on this from the community in August at the town centre workshop.

Community workshop

Held at the community hall, 80 locals shared what they loved about Wainuiomata, what's not so good and what you wanted to see us become in 2035.

At the workshop we were asked three key questions:

  • Goals - what we wanted Wainuioamta to be in 20 years time.
  • Reality - what's good and not so good about Wainuiomata right now
  • Opportunties - what ideas

We'd then collate all that and look at:

  • Ways forward - inititiatives and projects that can transform Wainuiomata

We've used this feedback to directly inform the vision and key parts of our plan as we build it.

We heard many more aspirations for the community - and although some were not directly part of this plan, we have been sharing them with the right people and organisations - including the community board.

Where it all began

We, as six locals who believe in the potential of Wainuiomata, stepped forward and developed a vision for what we wanted to see in Wainuiomata.

We submitted our vision to Hutt City Council in April 2014 and secured funding to develop this in to a vision that had input from the wider community, turn it into a plan and then see some projects get off the ground.

We'd like to thank Hutt City Council for their time and support for us in bringing this all to life.